Today was Bestie day!
Met Jingie for swimming classes!
Brought Hazel the duck along too!
Haha, we named it after our nice instructor Hazel :)
Today was really rewarding, though I had something unpleasant stuck up there.
And a bad flu..
I think I probably polluted the pool in more ways than one.
It felt really rewarding to swim up and down the pool for 8 times!
But I think I got a few shades darker.
Immediately rided my lao hong bike back and met TY and Jasp on the way too!

Rushed to Jingie’s area, but I think we could not make it in time for the 1220pm movie @ Plaza..
So we alighted at FEP, accompanied Jingie at Subway, didn’t have any appetite.
Walked around FEP, showed Jingie the shoes shop! (We fell in love with one pair!)
And at 1pm, we rushed to The Cathay!
Reached at 115pm, bought tickets and went in at 118pm, just to see them throw bouquets!
It was a really nice movie I must say..
Alot of morals, and I think I felt closer to Jingie after which!

Headed to TCC cos ML was going to call me for the phone interview..
Settled down and all..
Before we suddenly started chatting again :)
Haha, we wierdly have more things to talk about when we are studying!
But I still managed to do 75% of my work so I am happy.
Went to City Hall once the rain stopped..
Got Jackie’s pressie as well as looked around for Evie’s.
But to no avail, really afraid Evie won’t like it so I think I’d bring him along!

Then ate at Shokudo.
For the first time, I think I dampened Jingie’s appetite too.
Normally I’d be really excited at all the food..
But yesterday.. I didn’t even wanna eat most of them.
Settled with omelette and mushrooms soup..
Didn’t even wanna take neoprint.
Think I was really feeling really horrid :(
But its ok, cos I got Jingie my wonder pill with me.

And omg, literally bought our shoes in less than 10 minutes!
Haha, “OK WO YAO!”
Cracked Jingie up. :)
Man, we made ourselves promise we will head back to shop when its recess week!
Hope I have more moolahs then!

Had a great time..
A pity Jasie couldnt make it for the dinner!
I think she would have bought that DREAM shoe too! :D
Anyway… on the way back home..
We had loads to laugh and talk about again..
It was really heartwarming.
I like Wednesdays!


2 responses to “ITS WEDNESDAY!!!

  1. 我也爱星期三!(:

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