The Number 4

Last night, I had a really long talk with Evie.
Yes, while laughing at Jing and Bananas in Pyjamas.
I can really split myself into two sometimes.
Anyway… I am so glad I spoke to him about it.
He was feeling the exact same things I felt too.
But I am glad we were mature to finally talk it through nicely and all.
And got a solution out of it.

I collected my lappie today (:
Really amazed by the power of it, and wow-ed by the size of it.
Size does not determine power!
How true in this case.
I got the Fujitsu S6520, in case you are wondering.
With all the specifications maxed out.
Anw, Evie was being real sweet and carried it around for me.
The packaging was really heavy though.

After school today, he said he wanted to bring me to get my Vday gift. :)
And I was so excited cos I already had sth in mind!
Then off we went to AMK hub.
On the bus there, we got an sms from his friend…
Telling us that we are on UWeekly once again!
This time round, that we are in the Top 10 or sth!
Immediately got the magazine at 7-11 once we reached AMK.
Did not even think of rushing to the toilet though both of us were feeling the urgency.

Here goes!

Click on the picture to enlarge!
And so, if you like us (I certainly hope so), do vote for us at!
Oh, and here too if you don’t mind!

Seriously after today, it just seems to me, that the number 4 seems to come back to us really often.
We got together on the 4th October 2007 actually.
We were couple no. 4 in the Mr and Ms. Valentine Pageant.
And now, we are also couple no. 4 in the Omy contest!

Hmm. It’s gonna be the finals this Sat.
On Vday!
How exciting and memorable :)
Gonna be one that we will remember for our lives!
I am looking forward to it cos we will be doing loads of really funny things on stage.
Winning or not no longer matters.
Cos to us, its having a winning relationship that truly means alot.
Till then, here’s wishing all the couples, singles or whatever, HAPPY (EARLY) VALENTINE’S DAY!


4 responses to “The Number 4

  1. so sweettt! (:

  2. $6000 Nearing!!! I’m so excited for u!! Hahah

  3. Lol I dont think so lucky la!

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