Mr and Ms. Valentine’s Romance Pageant Semi Finals

Left for JP at 2pm today!
Brought my polaroid along for some pictures too!

Heh, nice hor?
Taken on 157 :)

Anyway, we were ushered to do makeup first!

Oh yes, guys weren’t spared too.
That’s Ron, Josephine’s bf!

That’s Josephine, NUS FASS :)

The two of them!

And the two of us!

And we were ushered to do our hair next..
At Storm!
I think my hair was fine, but…

Not for Evie!

Slacking in the changing room…
Before we headed to eat at Din Tai Fung!

And soon the show started at 7pm!

That’s the MC!

It was Fashion Show 1…

And then… “Do you know me well?” game started…
Girls were tasked to stand in front to guess the guys’ favourite stuff!

For the next batch, it was the opposite!

Then it was “Proclaim my love” game..
Where the guy was supposed to do something sweet for the girl!

This group touched the judges as the guy proposed to the girl on the spot!
How sweet can that be :P
Yeah, one of the judges teared…

The next game was… to guess as many song titles as possible!

Then it was Fashion Show 2..

Nothing much, but I think you can tell our attire was one of the worst..
But its okay…

Cos when it was results time..

Not that we really expected it..
But still, a pleasant surprise!



Backstage shots!

With Havinder and wifee-to-be!

Yin yue and Jeffrey!

Zylia and Jason!

One of our closest pals in the pageant (:
April and KC :)

As well as Ron and Josephine!

Nice experience, we brought home stuff and well, I was thankful..
Cos we had Jackie, Raymond, Jingie, TY, CX, Eric down to support us!
All the screamings and clappings really encouraged us a whole lot..
Esp for Evie who didn’t like his attire at all.. :)
A couple of unpleasant stuff happened late in the night..
But I had Jingie and TY with me who took those stuff away from my mind..
Thank you guys (:
Anyway.. I will blog about the finals in a while!


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