Mr and Ms. Valentine Romantic Pageant

Went for the briefing at JP1 today :)
Yay sounds really fun, and I really like my attire!
Say yay to no bikinis! :D
And while we were waiting, we took a photo for the Goldheart Swing of Love!

Yay got a momento to remember!
Like I always tell Evie, if its meant to be, its meant to be.

And on Monday, a friend of Evie’s sms-ed him to tell us we are on U Weekly.
Immediately, we went to 7-11 to get a copy.
PSST Jenna, this time round I am faster (play cheat) Hahaha! :)

Click to expand!

Anyway, we will be competing in the Pageant on 7th Feb from 7pm to 9pm…
For the finals on 14th Feb! :)
If you are coming down, do let me know yeah :) :)

On the other hand, I just got a call today that my new Fujitsu is ready for collection!
Really excited..
And Justin told me he got THE CALL today but missed it..
Ah, I hope I can take it.. :(


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