My First Swimming Class!

Today.. marks the day I start learning swimming. :)
Woke up at 850am, got Jasp’s sms and immediately did the ppt..
Ended up late to meet Jing..
BUT its ok, she was later. :D
Haha, anyway, when we walked in, we met… Hazel!
Our coach!
She’s really funny and nice (:
I really enjoy learning under her, she makes it really enjoyable to swim.
And omg, I can float now!! Ok, for like 5m?
But well, still better than nothing!
So happy :D:D
And you know what?
It’s really nice learning next to your sister.
Cos it makes learning more fun and like what Hazel says, “Yo Nan Tong Dang, Yo Fu Tong Xiang”. :)
Thank you Jingie!!
Lastly, looking forward to becoming a SHUI GANG!!! (Inside joke)
And to try my water duck.
I am so looking forward to next week!
Sakae after swimming is just like icing on top of the cake :D:D:D


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