Steamboat at Jing’s!

On that very day…
I had a very pleasant surprise!
Evan came to pick me up to go to school together!! (:
And he brought along my favourite bubble tea!
Thank you Ban!

I am really thankful to have him with me!
Cos that very day, 156 took really long!

Crazy us as usual!

Fast forward to after school.
Met Shishi, Justin, Guang to go together (:
And so we were the earliest to reach!

They were all really traumatised by the amount of vegetables Jingie prepared!

Jingie’s ONLY new year goodies! :(
How sad.

All of us were really hungry but we had to be patient cos the 4 of em weren’t here yet…

Sigh :P

But all our stomachs were growling real bad…
And so we begged Jingie..

CX came by..

I really love her cardigan, and it took me so long to find it! :(
Anw, I managed to get it in the end! So happy. (:

And then, Jasp and Tengy came :)

Finally, Jackie too. (:

Once Jackie finished eating.. we immediately started the Lou Hei!
I am sure you know such things can’t wait!


A really messy affair!
I had Lou Hei in my hair!

Everyone! (:

After which, we settled down and started playing Blackjack!
Jingie’s the banker..
I didn’t lose/gain.. But I think Jingie lost a lot to Jasp!
But I don’t think she’d mind. :D
I shall let the pictures do the talking!

Umm, I only managed 2 blackjack, and no Ban Ban for me.. :(

Our Zoe Tay. :)

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
And thank you Jingie for the sumptous feast! :D:D
And all the effort you have done to prepare the steamboat for us!
Really appreciate it!


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