Annual Chinatown Day!

Straight after school, we head down to Seah Im for a quick bite..
Before making our way to Central to wait for them..
(Ahem, supposed to be at Chinatown, but we kinda presume they will be late anyway.)

Jingie came first!

While waiting for Jasp and Tengy to choose their berms and CX to arrive..

The two very important people in my life! Still got more, but now only have photos of the two of them.

Jingie’s bf. Crazy woman

CX is finally here!
The three ladies, excluding Shishi..
Who went Chinatown without calling us along! HMPF!

And like last year, we went Waraku again!

Jingie’s little pressie for us!

The three ladies’

Jasper and his BIG bowl!
For once he looks small compared to the bowl.

Our yummy scallops.
Check out everyone’s heavenly face.

Then, it was time for Chinatown at 9pm!

It was.. Shui Xie Bu Tong!

And goodies aplenty!

CX and me are real lovers of the Malt Candy and so when we saw people selling, we got them immediately!

So engrossed!

Our annual photos. :X
(Wanted to dig out the ones from last time, but my blog’s db failed on me once so the posts from Feb 08 to June 08 are all gone.)

Then we headed to Maxwell for a quick supper

Jasp and Tengy’s


Then we left for more goodies shopping!

Jasp explaining to me what Jingie’s buying

Queueing for Mei Zhen Xiang :D

Check out the chao tah ones! EWW

Then at 11pm, it was time to head home!!

A really happy and tiring day. :)
Thanks guys!


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