Day Out with The Babe NINGGG (:

Heh, I was early today!
For all the times I met up with Ning (:
Went for a haircut in the morning at Monsoon!
I love good and healthy hair!

Anw, it was nice seeing her again as usual!
Always so cheepy and bubbly!
Went to iPrints cos she wanted to buy a notebook to write all her food hunts in SG/UK.
Ning’s really an angel man.
That day, I was at C&K, I saw the same bag going at $75.90. (btw, that was 2 days ago)
And today, it was going at $44.70!
Quote her, “You will be feeling so heart pain if you’d bought that day”.
She really brings me luck :P
So that’s settled my C&K trip.

Then we walked around and she showed me the blue adidas bag in black that she wanted to get..
I thought the black look quite normal, and for the price of $105, really not worth it!
She said the blue one look much better.
Anyway, we headed to Kuishin-bo in the end..
And Ning treated me! (:
Thank you dear!
Haha, my virgin experience there..
And I really love it.
The food spread..

I really love the desserts and Teppanyaki there.
But most importantly, it was the company :D
Eating with her always make the food so damn delicious.
No idea why.
Haha, we can really eat alot when we are together.
IT’s so scary.
Kuishin-bo has this funny tune that always crackles us up.
“Doh Doh Doh, 1, 2 ,3, we’re Kuishin-bo. Doh Doh Doh 1,2,3 we’re Kuishin-bo. KUISHIN-BO!”
We caught up alot about guys, life and such.
It was helluva funny listening to all her stories..
Some people can really be -_-” while I really admire how others can be so sweet to girls.
Anyway… that aside. It was a really girly day. :)

Btw, never eat the items you put in the fondue after like 5minutes.
Cos it hardens up and its really hard to put apart.

Went downstairs, and well, happened to have a huge Adidas outlet and so..
She showed me the blue one..
But it kinda long really elongated and squarish..
So Ning decided not to get it.. :P
Walked further down and she went Sun Paradise to get her swimsuit.
Lol, showed her the red one I wanted to get and she went to try on.
And so funny man, Ning came out and told me she looks like a weightlifter.
Almost burst out laughing in the shop..
But held back cos didn’t wanna be too impolite. LOL
She said the white one looks nice, but imagine if the person does not shave there..
And the salesgirls in the shop started giggling as well.
Tsk Ning, you are such a bad influence. LOLLLLLLL.
Ended up, she bought a black/blue one that has a slimming effect..
Oh come on dear, you are slim!

Walked around further, and stopped by Seafolly where she got her white bikini top.
I tried on one… but the flaps around it..
Sigh, nah. :X
Accompanied her to City Link area..
And it was time to bid farewell..
For the first time, she actually had tears in her eyes..
Suddenly made me thought of the days back in HK..
I always fear farewell..
Cos it would definitely be a teary one..
And the trip back to SG on the plane, would be even worse..
Somehow, I can understand how she feels…
But its okay dear.. the next time I see you again, you will be back in SG permanently (:
And till the day we meet again, I will dream about seeing you again kaes!
Love you babe :)
Never regretted knowing you since SA days :)
Bon Voyage!

Sigh, I think after Evie started kidnapping my camera..
I kinda lost the touch to self-taken photos :(


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