It’s one of those random days..
Evie and me are in a super lovey mood.
Just a very normal day, and going home after school.
Then he suddenly held me back and did not allow me to alight.
And so, I accompanied him to his block, and was just playing along..
But let go when it was nearing his stop..
And he didn’t alight..
Started joking about going to Hougang (final stop for the bus).
And true enough, he did not let me alight at AMK Hub.
Which was probably the last stop that I could change to a bus home.
Finally alighted at the next, and he accompanied me all the way home..
162, then 55, then he headed home again.

Might just be childish when you look at it initally.
Then again, it is one of such days..
That you look back and laugh/smile..
Cos it was sweet..
Probably.. when I start working..
I will never have such days again..
Suddenly, I appreciate school days alot..

Thank you to myself during my JC days for not studying hard enough.
And heading to NUS Open House not knowing what to pursue.
Walked past SoC booth and knew of such a faculty..
Applied 1st choice and got in…

Maybe, then, I did regretted not studying hard enough..
But.. come to think of it..
Maybe everything happened for a reason…
After all, both of us wanted to apply for NTU’s media school..
Both of us got NTU Comp Science and NUS Computing..
But chose the latter instead..
And maybe.. right from end of JC, everything happened for a reason..
Maybe, just a maybe.
But one thing for sure since the day I promised Evie to be together with him…
I don’t think I have regretted at all…

And to you who’s reading, sorry if you are having diabetes now.
Just a random passe… that I wanted to put down.


3 responses to “Evie.

  1. Banny melted

  2. Oh…so so sweet!!! =)

  3. HEHE :D I KNOW. :D:D

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