AMBROSE’S 1st Month!

Happy 1st month!
Not that you read blogs but still… hope it gets to you..somehow. :)

Met my customers early in the morning and headed to Jingie’s house to help her with the balloons..
There were supposed to be more people…
But I think everyone pangseh and left only me and Evie.
Ate breakfast opposite before heading back again for buffet at Jingie’s void deck!
Almost died blowing balloons, but thank goodness for Evie and Jingie (:

My favourite bubble tea!

Early birds!

Shishi, the deflated.

The spread by Neogarden!

Hungry people!

Ambrose: Who is this person! She looks so fair.

Ambrose: AIYO, Kua dio kui!

Ambrose: I feel better in Grand Aunt’s arms

Ambrose: Thank you Grand Aunt, for saving me from GGJ. :X

Ambrose: Safer in Grand Aunt’s arms

Ambrose and Evie..

Evie insists they look alike!

Ambrose: Help! Why am I in GGJ’ hands again!

Ambrose: AHHH!

Ambrose: Someone save me please save me! My diapers are dirty!

Jingie’s brother and Jingie.
Look alike hor!

Ambrose and his daddy
Ambrose: In safe arms again! PHEW!

The man yue package!

Shishi and me were feeling so sleepy..
And Jingie’s bed is so comfy…

After a while, someone else joined in too..

People on the floor..

And Evie waking us up to go downstairs for phototaking session.

The ladies downstairs..

Senior citizens!

Jaspi, Gen X

Da Jia!

CX testing Jaspi’s bag

Goodbye Ambrose!
Hope you grow up healthily! :D

Clean Ambrose :D

Went shopping with Shishi, Justin and CX at J8 after that..
School’s starting the next day le…
Thank you Jingie for inviting us!
We had a great time playing with Ambrose! LADEEDUM


2 responses to “AMBROSE’S 1st Month!

  1. Bao Bao so cute

  2. ((((: look like gugu.

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