CAN! Run and Baking of Almond Cookies!

Went to SMU to meet Justin and Shishi :)
Hehe, and we were all dressed up for the run!!
Pardon the quality of the pictures, we had to surrender all valuables so… no camera! :(

Jo the Giant!

Check out Shishi’s face!

Thank Justin for making this collage!

Well, it was kinda lame, cos there were so many people running and the space given was too little..
Ended up, most people walked! :P
Like us!

At the start of the race, we were all given balloons, and somehow the person gave Evie a whole bunch..
And being the creative one, Evie suggested tying them up together to make the longest balloon..
The balloon got entangled at one of the traffic lights opp. the museum.
It was quite a scene!
So paiseh!

End of the race!

Evie met his union camp freshie..

Found him quite familiar, and true enough, RI waterpolo team. Lol.

Actually, we met quite a number of people, Alvin, Siow Yuan, Marilyn..
Oh and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Of course, he was the GOH!

After the race, we walked to Sim Lim for a feast..
On the way there, I stopped by Phoon Huat to get a few stuff :)

Had a rather homely kinda dinner :)
It was fun catching up with Justin and Shishi!
Laughter aplenty..

Their attempts of including me in the photo!

Well, then we headed to OG cos Shishi said Jingie invited her to Ambrose’s party in the morning and she hasn’t gotten a gift yet!

Found some really cute stuff!

Baby Booties!
How I wish I am young again!

Well, apparently someone else did!


Well it was a rather impromptu baking session..
But I called Evie over :)
Cos my hands were itchy and I really wanted to try the almond cookies!

The mixture!



I guess I added too much almond flavour..
The next time, I will make sure its just nice..
Btw, it does taste not bad :)
But there’s still a long way to go for me :P


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