Farewell Bryan (DEDICATED TO EEVONN), Bowling w/ Christin and XQ and Shopping with Jingie!

Met up with Evie and Bryan for a farewell lunch at Blk 297 near Yishun Bus Interchange..
Apparently, the laksa there was cheap and awesome.
Psst Eevonn, Bryan promised to bring you there the next time! Teehee :P

On the way to meet Bryan!

New hairstyle!

Well, the laksa was okay la, I think what’s nice was the gravy.. cos it has those crispy little thing in it :)
For the ingredients, I thought it was quite little.. I didn’t quite finish my noodles cos there was nothing to eat with it.

Bryan who was perspiring all the way!

Passed Bryan the pressie we got him yesterday from Winter Time.

I thought Bryan look like a little boy here :)
Eevonn, you must miss him alot! :(

Half of the pressie! A beanie!

The next time we will see Bryan’s a year later, and I guess I won’t be seeing him anymore in NUS, would have graduated by then!

In Yishun Library!

I was craving for Four Season’s badly..
And so I walked in and bought myself a Coco Exotic.
Hahaha and held the cake all the way eating :X
LOL quite funny.

Well, we were early, and Christin and YQ were late..
So Evie brought me to Yishun Safra first to bowl.
I really like Orchid Bowl, their lanes are really smooth (:
But the bowling balls all too huge for me :(
Settled with a weight 10 one cos that was the only one that fits my finger properly!

Christin and me!

She’s really cute! :D
Like her alot :D
Ok, not in that way.. ahem. Not bi kaes!

YQ :)

He’s a really good bowler as well!

Evie and YQ

Evie and Christin!

Right after that, we walked back to Yishun Bus Interchange and I took 857 to Orchard to meet Jingie while Evie went with them to the temple to pray :)
Jingie and me walked around, hunting high and low for our resolution of the year :D
And right from the start, we wanted to avoid that brand/shop…
But right till the end, we still went there to get our stuff..
And we were very pleased with them!

At Marina Square, we met an Acapella group which was really good :)
I love their singing.. if someone sings like that to me, I think I would definitely be mesmerized and fall for them LOL.
I am a sucker for people who can sing really well!

We went crazy at Marks and Spencer..
It was hell funny how we went to the same section…
Looking at different places…
Took up the same top..
Looked at each other and said..
Looked at each other’s top….
And started giggling..
Cos they were of the same design, different colour..
Immediately rushed into the fitting room..
And came out of it giggling like little girls..
Then rushed back in..
Changed out..
Go to the counter..
Paid, and started giggling again………
And.. from now on, it has changed my opinion about M&S.

Thank you Jingie for the company..
And the laughter..
And the shopping…
And the secrets…
And the excitement..
And for being you..

I love you dear sista! :D


2 responses to “Farewell Bryan (DEDICATED TO EEVONN), Bowling w/ Christin and XQ and Shopping with Jingie!

  1. AWWWWW.
    wo ye ai ni! haha. (but you alr know that dont you?)

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