HAPPY 15th :D; Dedicated to Bannyyy.

Woke up early in the morning today!
Cos we were heading to the highly anticipated Wasabi Tei that Andrew recommended!
Started queuing at 1130am though it opens at 12pm…
Heard of the attitude that the chef has and so we were vv much quiet throughout our meal..
Didn’t even dare to use flash..
Anyway, we met this family outside the restaurant who recommended us a few dishes and told us about the attitudes and all :)
Wasabi Tei has only 16 seats and well… it always have a long queue outside though its just a really small shop in FEP!

At 12pm sharp, we were let into the shop, and immediately, Ban and me sat at the corner…
All armed with our orders!
The appetizer was darn nice!
I have no idea what it was.. but really it tastes damn nice.
I was telling Evie, if we were to bring all the TSKs, we would have filled up the whole shop!

Our first dish.


Highly anticipated SAKE or Salmon Sashimi!
It was cut in huge portions that made it damn nice to chew on!
We ordered 3 plates of this, and by the end of the 2nd plate, we were darn full!

We didn’t have a chance to take the last one which was Unagi Don, but it was fantastic as well!
Really, I would definitely recommend this to everyone!! :D
Tsks, anytime soon? :D

Anyway, after that, we headed to SMU to collect our bibs for the CAN! Run on Sat!

Then to Haji Lane… and finally to Wellness Village in Marina Square.
I booked a couple spa.. it wasn’t a rather good experience..
For the amount I paid, they were not very professional, keep giggling and all.
I don’t quite like the place, very rude people too.
But anyway, Evie said he enjoyed it so.. I guess I am fine.

Cos Ambrose’s 1st mth was on Sunday, we went to Kiddy Palace to get sth for him!

And rushed all the way home cos I was preparing dinner tonight!
Prawns from yesterday! :X

Whipped up 5 dishes in mere 45minutes.
Very stressful :(

Hope you like everything I’ve planned today, Banny (:
Happy 15th again! XOXO


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