Prawning at Mainland Tropical Fishfarm and Ikea!

Met up with Jingie, Jaspi and Tengy cos we wanted to go by 88 together. :)
But I was late!

Then Evie boarded the bus.. and so the phototaking starts!

Something I got for Shishi!

Sleepy people!

Reached JP and found Yanguang, Shishi, CX and Justin who have already reached!
Wanted to eat at Manhattan but the lunch special only starts at 12, so we settled for Wan Chai instead.
And while waiting for our food, CX gave us the souvenirs she got from us from HK!

Thank you CX!! :D

Justin and Evie!


Our really surprising portion!
Amazingly huge and we were so full after eating!

And soon, we were on our way to prawn!

Here we are at Mainland Tropical Fishfarm!

It was a tranquil place which I have spotted on ContestJunkie’s blog.
And so decided to bring them here..

It has Fish Spa..

Alley Fish Catching.. as well as Prawning!

Them without Evie and me :)
It was the first time we had almost everyone there!!!
And our strength is getting bigger. Sound so army.

Prawning starts!
We broke into 4 pairs..
Jingie and Jaspi, Evie and me, Shishi and Justin, CX and Guang..
Btw, I think CX and Guang quite compatible! HMM!

And the waiting begins..

So who do you think caught the first prawn?
Well, to give you a hint..
It was someone who shouts loudly/screams when an animals come near to her vincinity.


And soon, the next one came up.. and that’s Sunshine!

But Evie and me, Jingie and Jaspi still had no prawns though Justin and Guang were already catching their 3rd prawns :(

Even Jingie and Jaspi caught their first prawn, and Evie and myself were still waiting for ours :(

Jingie was so excited she broke the leg of the prawn. POOR THING. No, not Jing.

Their second prawn!

The uncle saw us not catching any, and so he came and help us!

And I got my first prawn!

Then it was time to leaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Jaspi took the bubbles out and we started blowing!

And we concluded that Justin is very pro at blowing, cos he had alot each time he blew.

As we were really near Ikea, we decided to head there for dinner!

Crazy Sunshine got wings, ikea meatballs and salmon!
All for himself, ended up he couldn’t finish and got us to help him instead :)
But I guess, he bought it cos he wanted to share with us..
So thank you, sweetie Sunshine :D

Sunshine, CX, Shishi and Justin left right after dinner while the rest of us hang around Ikea for a tad longer.
There was a missing prawn saga though cos Evie forgot to take my prawns and left it somewhere..

Tengyi and the red shelf he and Jing wanted to get.



2 responses to “Prawning at Mainland Tropical Fishfarm and Ikea!

  1. it’s white sands rite? :D not jp!

    I like the last pic =D vv cute!


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