A Trip to JP and NIE!; SAP!

Today, woke up at 7am, left house at 8am with Daddy cos he was dropping me off at Thomson before heading to work.
Well, studied on the way to Shenton Way.
Definitely more fruitful than the day before.
But I was kinda late cos there was a jam at Orchard area.
Heh, thank goodness someone was as late as I am, so I’ve got company.
Started the test..
And there were some parts that look pretty foreign to me, marked those questions and found that even if I got those questions wrong, I am quite risky, cos the passing mark was 70.
Anyway, slowly people around me started clicking submitting and I heard people getting 87, 83, 70, 71…
I was kinda afraid. But well, still have to click in the end.
So… clicked and WHEE! I got 78!
Happy la, but really tyco I guess, esp. since I studied really last minute with all this CORS bidding stuff.
Thank God for that (:

Evie came by to pick me up and off we went for desserts at Dessert Hut. :)
Had my favourite Mango Sago and posted my notes home, lazy to bring them around cos we were heading to Jurong Point/NIE! :D

On the way to Jurong Point to meet Yanguang and Shishi!
Didn’t feel like taking photos..

Evie with the red pouch I got at InQBox :D

Met up with Yanguang and walked around for awhile while waiting for Shishi!

When she reached, went to Bus Interchange and called Jingie cos we weren’t sure how to go..
179 came and soon, we were at NIE!
And frankly, it felt more like a campus than NUS, maybe cos it looks like one too..
With the halls of residences, as well as a flat campus.
Btw, ours is rather hilly, so that means going up and down the hill.

Went to NIE canteen and had the famous western food, or so Jing claims :)
And well, it was really nice, just costly I guess.
But the drink that I really like was the one from the fruit stall just next door.
It sold green apple with yakult and wierdly, it tastes so nice!! (:
Oh, when we were there, we had some strange stares…
Cos NIE had a dress code!

Apparently, no slippers and short shorts were allowed, but I guess I did see some people wearing that so shouldnt be a big deal.
But the biggest gave-away was Evie’s brown hair.
Do you know DYED hair (other than black) is not allowed in NIE?
I find that quite disturbing actually! LOL

The huge NIE!
Even bigger than School of Computing itself!

We saw the Physical Training school, and wow, the hockey field was huge!
Sigh, if only NUS can be like this.
Well, it’s always greener on the other side right? :D

The long flight of stairs we had to go up and down each time we wanted to leave/come back to NIE.
I can imagine how toned Jing’s legs are.. :X

Went exploring around NTU cos we had nothing much to do before Jing’s lesson ends.

Evie wanted to go to the School of Media and Design, which was initially the place he wanted to go..

The poster that Evie likes vv much.

Though it was the first day of school for NTU, there was no soul around, and umm, no buses too.
We waited quite long for the shuttle bus and for a moment, we thought they weren’t operating!

Maybe if anything was better, it will be the frequency of our buses.

Tired from the walking and exploring at Nanyang Business School..
We headed back to NIE cos Jingie called to say her lessons ended!

Went up to the cafe at Level 3 of the library!
It was a nice cozy corner :)
Like the ambience very much!

BROWNIE! (No, not the dog)

Poor Jingie.

Finally Jaspi was here… And we left for JP to meet Tengy!

Brought them to Icing Room the moment we reached.
It was a shop that allows you to buy cakes and decorate on the spot.
Pretty cool huh?
If I am not wrong, its $11.90 for a 4″ cake.
Small, but I think the concept of the shop is interesting.

Everyone was tired from the heat and walking around so we settled down in Billy Bombers for dinner!
Shishi and myself ordered Cookies and Cream milkshake while the rest ordered main courses and soups.
Shishi gave them the souvenirs she got from Myammar!

Evie’s buffalo wings, the sauce was HORRID!

Sunshine’s huge burger

Tengy’s expensive salmon

Really tired I must say..

Walked around a bit before finding ourselves in the arcade..
Playing with an interactive ball-throwing game.
In the past, ball-throwing meant having a hole and throwing the balls in and getting tickets.
Nowadays, ball-throwing means having a ball, and throwing it at the screen.
Technology (:
Yes, the IT people like us HAHA.

We were all so engrossed that I didn’t know I dropped my phone!
In fact, we were so hiong that our balls started falling out of reach, on the floor etc. LOL

Before we left JP, went to BluEyes to find Eric’s gf and got Shishi a balloon to welcome her back to SG!

I agree with Evie, you look much cuter in the last pic!
TEEHEE hope you like the balloon dear!


One response to “A Trip to JP and NIE!; SAP!

  1. Yupppie! Love it! ;) on my study desk now..smiling at me everytime i look at him :D

    Noo..the last pic is just the 2nd cutest :P

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