On the 5th, I was still having problems with my module bidding.
Though I am having my SAP certification the next day, I had to return to school today to settle everything.
Quite sian.
Talk to the CNM coordinator from FASS but well, he gave some bullshit reason that he has to take care of his students first.
Yes I know its not his fault, then shall we just blame it on NUS for taking in so many students, ahem foreign ones esp.
If you don’t have sufficient teaching resources, then jolly well STOP TAKING IN STUDENTS!
Goodness, demand and supply, I am sure you guys know it better than I do.

Anyway, at 2pm, I finally settled down, not having settled anything btw, except knowing that I have to wait till Round 3B ends before I can do anything.
Well, by then, I was firstly, totally sleepy cos of the lack of sleep the night before.
By 9pm, I only finished 4 chapters out of 14.
So dead!

Went home, and mugged my way through to 11pm before seeing Gerald online.
Spoke to him, and he told me Sunshine was only studying the certification exam questions.
Thank goodness, I mugged my way through the certification questions and only managed to sleep at 230pm.
Not very confident still but I told myself I will look through again on my way to the exam.

Oh well, quite a lousy day. :(


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