CozyCot’s 2nd Blogshop Weekend; DEDICATED TO EVAN!

Not like I was expecting much traffic due to the location and all.
More of a marketing gimmick I guess, to make use of CozyCot’s influence on some segments of the female pop. in Singapore :)
Anyway, picked Evie up on the way to Chiang Hong Building in Bugis.
The bazaar was held at the 9th storey, and was only disclosed to Cotters.
But based on the turnout, I was pleasantly surprised I guess.
Well, got Evie chicken rice, and myself beehoon before heading to pick him.
And due to the lack of space, we ended up sitting at the stairway for our breakfast.

Well, most other cotters were selling apparels, so we were more or less the more unique ones there, with cameras, accessories and shoes.

Haha, for the first time, we set up pretty fast too.
I think we have learnt smart finally, to bring sufficient and not too much.
We just filled 2 small boxes and off we went.
We took just 20minutes, as compared to others who took longer!
Haha. :P

Thank you Zihao, and Li Lin for coming by to say hi.. :)

As well as, Evie, who spent the day with me sitting there and accompanying me.
And as I said to you before, I always admired guys who accompany their girls to such things..
Cos they are firstly..
1. A very girly event
2. Need loads of patience
3. Forego time with their guy friends

As what you say, guys are probably there because they treat it as a way they can spend time with their girls, and probably cos they love them :)
And so thank you Evan Li, for loving me :D HAHA.
To everyone else, sorry for the goosebumps. PAISEH. :X


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