Annual Raffles Gathering

Well, as usual. We get later each year.
The gathering was scheduled to be at 6pm.
But ended up, cos everyone was gonna be late, I pushed back to 7pm..
And well, only DW and me were earlier than 7!
Though he was still earlier than me.

We walked to Shokudo to see how the queue was like etc, and..
I felt I probably caught up more with him than the rest.
Well my friendship with him was a tad more special than the rest of the RI guys.
And there seem to be more to talk to him with than the rest, other than Des that is. :P
Of course, esp. since I knew him since Primary school and well, he was the first guy who came to my house to play Cluedo and Guess Who! with me.
Quite silly to think of it but still pretty special.
Then we went into the Prefectorial board at the same time, ended up in the same duty with Nic and Liqi.
So to me, he has always been a vv special friend :)

Anyway, then Des came by, looking more punk, then ZR, and finally Mingfei :)
Fel came by moments later looking as pretty as ever.
And off we headed to Shokudo, only to find out the waiting time was gonna be half an hour long!
Gosh. So we chose an alternative instead, and settled down at Sakae @ Citylink!
Dior and Yuanshao came by from school at about 8pm sigh. :P

Well, didn’t have much chance to catch up with everyone cos of the table arrangements.
But still, caught up with Dior and Fel :)
So glad that despite of the recession and all, Fel still managed to secure a job at the Big4 before graduation!
Happy for her!
The set that both of us ordered was really filling, albeit nice.

Not much photos cos I am a lazy photographer.
Here goes.

At Sakae!

And.. at the Coach’s logo.
A funny story behind this.

The guys!

Finally Kate Spade for the ladies.

Everyone’s more or less grown up :)

Well, gonna try to make this a 6mths event.. :P


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