NYD, with Mr Brownie.

Evie came over at 11am today (:
Cos we were heading to Clementi to look for Mr Brownie!

Oh and check out the new colours of my room!

Anyway, we had lunch at the newly renovated food centre at Clementi!
And found a new shopping centre West Coast Plaza? with loads of eateries, replacing Ginza. Cool.
I will head there soon.

Mr Brown!
He’s really cute! I love him!

Daddy and Brownie.

Brownie and Mr Hairy.

Evie and Daddy!

I like his long fur.. and it always smells super nice :)
But I do prefer him in his shorter one though!

Getting stuck in between Daddy’s legs cos he kept tickling him by walking around his legs.

Then, it was time for lunch, yes again, and my aunt cooked loads of delicious stuff for us!
There was… Salmon, Spaghetti, and soup! (:
Love her cooking!
And someone was hungry too.

Trying to eat the longan in Evie’s hands!

Then, we were all stoning around and Uncle Heng suggested going bowling..
So Shiying, Xuewei, Jaemes, Evie and myself went, all squashed up in Uncle Heng’s car to Chevrons!
And though Jaemes and Evie kept striking/sparing, the eventual winner went to Uncle Heng who was more of the ‘slow and easy wisn the race’.
AS for me, I was still trying my best to get out of the 9s curse.

Headed back, and there was a sumptous spread right in front of us :)
Duck, vegetables, brown rice, soup…
Well, Evie said my aunt can cook really well, and I do agree (:
It was the first time I see him eating so much as well!
Ben came back with Miaoye and he commented loudly, “wow, someone brought her bf along!”
Thanks ah! :P

Then we brought Brownie down for a walk!



Shiying who’s so scared of the dog.

Uncle Albert!

The cousins!

Mummy again!

Goodbye Mr Brownie, see you on CNY! (:

Evie, hope you had a great time!


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