Evie brought me to ECP after course to meet Joe and Zihao who were there BBQ-ing!
That very day, I felt ultimately horrible.
My nose was running badly..
And I ran out of tissue.
The bus ride was shockingly long, and tiring.
I dozed off many times and knocked against the window… :(
So, I look like a grumpy old witch sitting at Parkway waiting for Evie.
Thank goodness, Evie reached Parkway pretty quickly..
If not… LOL, it wont be nice to imagine what’s gonna happen.
But, it felt really nice having someone next to you when you are sick you know..
Like worlds apart with and without.

We had some food at the food centre near Parkway :)
Had some tau huay with brown sugar… as well as horrible duck rice.
Evie had expensive cai fan. $4.50 and its just 2 veg and 1 fried fish..
Lousy meal.

Anyway.. we went to ECP.

Joe and Zihao were there..

So were their friends, whom I regret to say, I can’t really rmb the names, cos I wasn’t feeling well.

Hehe, but the pit felt good to be with when I was having a flu.
It kinda kept me warm. :P

The food!

Joe and Evie

Evie and me!

Zihao and Evie, one of his best friends ;)

Zihao and Joe’s friends!

Well, I had alot of fun bbq-ing the marshmallows..
And they turned out really well!
PERFECT in fact, crispy on the outside, not burnt, yet melted in the inside.
TOTALLY melted btw.

And some lucky person got to try some!

Well, the night was not very kind on me, felt even worse when I got away from the fire..
And so, Evie sent me home.. Felt really bad.
I think we only stayed for about 1 hour and a half?

But TSKs.. I am thinking of a REAL BBQ soon :)
Feel like booking a pit near my house.. what do you guys think?


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