Christmas was spent, waiting for my mom to discharge!
So happy :)
At least, she need not spend Christmas in the hospital..
Else its gonna be really sad :(
Evie and me went down to pick her up and off we went to eat at Hainan 2nd Street!

Then Evie hang around at my home till 6 and we headed to Lower Pierce to sit down and chit chat!
Hehe, I like all this sitting down and talking, cos… its always very romantic, isn’t it?
Then, I got a call from HK telling me they got my gifts!
So happy la!
And FarEastFlora forwarded me the photo of the gifts!

BTW, the monkey’s for Rich! LOL
Merry Christmas ;)

Then, we went to eat with Evie’s parents!
Too bad Eric and Weixue didn’t join us..
But we had a wonderful time at Sakae Teppanyaki..
It wasn’t the food.
It was the company :)
I am thankful, this Christmas, I had the loveliest people around me :)


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