Eve of Christmas!

It was half day for us today!
And so, I met Evie straight after that!
We walked around quite a bit, and had nothing to do..
So Evie suggested Seoul Garden..
I really regret right after..
Cos it was really horrid like the last time I was there..
And I had to nurse a sore throat after..
AHEM, still nursing.
The time spent… was definitely one I would remember :)

Self-made ice-kachang! But, actually taste really nice leh!

Well, not much photos cos I was too busy eating, or look vv angry in them LOL.
Then we headed to the Better Toy Store and got a few pressies!
For Shishi and Jingie mainly..
Oh and for oureslves too! TEEHEE.

Actually, I was really tired that day cos the night before, my mom got admitted to the hospital..
But she’s fine now! Thank goodness :D
So right after that, we headed down to see her..
Initially, I didn’t wanna go to the Evie’s gathering with Christin and friends!
But.. Mom told me to go ahead, cos it was Christmas Eve!
So sweet of her! Thank you Mommy! (:

And so.. off I went to Cineleisure area, for an ORGANIC CAFE EXPERIENCE.
Lol, that was the name of the restaurant too!
It was fine-dining!

It was really nice catching up with them..
And so glad to see them warming up to me better than before :)
I guess, time would really melt any barriers :)

Really pretty (:

Debbie and Wenshan :)

But as Evie and me were still really full from the buffet..
We decided to share a meal!
Still very much worth it..

The salad!

The pumpkin soup with the yummy alfafa!
Jingie, its really delicious la.


Evie and me!

With Christin :)

After a while, Andy came.. I think that’s his name, need to confirm with Evie.

Lovely ambience, and experience indeed :)

Bears Debbie got for us from TW! Thank you!

And the waterproof camera we gave her!

The ladies!


Guys, Yuan Qiang, Andy and Evie.

YQ and his gf, Jerlene!

The four ladies :)

Despite them all being older than me, it was really heartwarming just sitting down, catching up, listening to them talk about work and life :) A really fun bunch to be with and I really enjoy being with them more than the other gang of Evie’s. :D

I guess, nothing beats true friendship :)
So how did you spend your Eve?


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