Christmas Party @ Jing’s!

On the 22nd, I had someone picking me up after course!

How sweet :)
Left for home cos I accidentally left Jing’s mommy’s pressie on my table before I left..
Dropped off Ban’s pants for alteration at the same time too!
Then off we went to find Jing, only to know that Jaspi and Tengy have reached long before us!
And Evie was still telling me Jingie dont need help..
Hai.. some people so pian xin, only need 2 muscular men’s help, dont need us!


ANYWAY, so we did something else!
We started laying out everyone’s pressie!
Only 7 of us..
And.. look at the amount of pressies!

With nothing to do after that, I went playing Pet Society again!

The food was ready at about 730pm!
Check out the spread!

And it wasnt long before Jackie and CX came by!
CX was working, hence late!
Jackie, had no reason!
TSK! As usual.

Then it was photo taking time while Jingie was polishing up some of her other dishes!

Hehe. I quite like this piece she was making!
Cos I got to sneak some Sara Lee cake into my mouth!

And then, everyone got settled down..


We had Teriyaki Salmon, all time favourite!
MASHED POTATO GRATIN! Another of my favourite piece!
Hot doggies, MUSHIE SOUP, brocolli, prawns (this was a little too much to handle!), handmade satay by Jingie!
And I conclude my 3 (hope to see next year again) are… MASHED POTATO GRATIN, teriyaki salmon and mushie soup (less diluted) teehee!
Anyway, the rest were all so delicious cos it had Jingie’s sweat (as quoted by Evie). HMM!
I don’t want! SO SALTY!

And after dinner, we were all so bloated and started crowding around the pressies!

We decided to play Jaspi’s game first before the climax of it all. :D

But we needed a clean whiteboard, so that explains.

The rest were slacking while Jaspi, CX and Tengy were having a hard time cleaning the whiteboard with Absolut Vodka.

And then it was time for Charades!
It was disgusting initially.
With all those wierd biology words! Then.. it became really amusing with Lion Man, Iron Man etc :D
A funny night indeed!

Tengy, Evie and me were leading initially, but we lost to Jingie, CX and Jackie in the end..
And was made to drink this herbal tea! Quite soothing to drink actually!

Then it was time for lucky draw.
In each of this fortune cookie, contains diferent quotes for the lucky draw!

And guess who got the biggest pressie of the day? (From naughty me btw!)
Ok, maybe not as naughty as Evie who gave condoms!
It was so bulky that I had to deposit at Jingie’s house on Sunday!
Thank goodness, Jaspi lived quite near.. else, I can’t imagine CX or Jackie having to bring it home!

But looks like it became quite useful cos Jaspi goes to the loo very often! LOL

CX got Evie’s condoms!

Should have been Tengy instead!

Jackie got Jaspi’s bib!

While I got the cutest pressie that day!
Jingie’s water duck!

But Jingie got the most expensive pressie!

Bird Nest!

And Evie got Tengy’s pressie!

While Tengy got CX’s pricelesss gift!

Lol cos CX forgot to bring!

Then it was time for desserts..


Letters for everyone!

And Christmas cards from Jingie!

And Evie and me!

Mine was from Evie!

Master BB and Kim Puay got the longest letters from me!

The first person to open his pressie..

With his pressies!

A shirt from CX!

Bow tie from Tengy and Jaspi

Photoframe from Jackie

Laptop casing from Jingie

A box from me, was supposed to contain the berms I got from him, but they were sent for alteration so the box was more or less empty

The next was CX!
Who got white havaianas from Jaspi and Tengy!

Bag from Jingie, Evie and me!

And a scarf from Jackie!

Then Jaspi..

Who got a bag of candies from Evie and me!

Pistol and book from Jingie

Cologne from Jackie

Havaianas and top from Tengy

And top from CX

Tengy on the other hand..

Got candies too.. from Evie and me

Book and pistol from Jingie

Jaspi. ahem ok jokin on this. :X

PINK/PURPLE top from CX LOL, and this is definitely a colour he does not have in his wardrobe!

Another top from Jackie

Game from Jaspi

Jingie.. was next!

With her pressies!

Ugly doll and clip from CX

Bangle from Jackie

Red laptop casing from Tengy and Jaspi (Her fave!)

Photoframe from me!

Cute things from Evie (I ALSO WANT)

Camera, handmade pouch, panty, calculator watch and bath foam from me! :D

AND SOON OR FINALLY it was my turn!

Little Miss Sunshine pillow and laptop casing (same as Evie) from Jingie!

Clip, mirror and hanky from CX!

Bangle from Jackie! (same as Jingie)

Laptop cooler from Jaspi, Tengy and Jingie (most useful man! thanks!)

AND last but not least, the most lovely surprise from Ban!

THANK YOU DEAR! (He went back to get them for me LALALA)

Poor Jackie, he was the last..

A top from CX!

Belt from Jaspi and Tengy!

Working shirt from Crocodile from Jingie, Evie and me!

And so that basically concludes our day.. or annual Christmas Party at Jingie!

Jingie’s souvenir from Malacca for all of us..



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