About Friendship

There are many types of friends.
Friends who walk in, and then out of your life.
Friends who stay for a while, leave a footprint in your memories.
And friends who are there to stay, forever.

I am glad that I have more of the third then the first and second (:
Well, there had been some hiccups in this friendship I am having recently.
And many a times, when people talk to me about it, the things they say does ring a bell or two..
But never did it hit it so much as this quote, by someone.
It first started out as a teasing when I put on my nick…
Then as I read it again and again, it suddenly just dawned on me.

Yes, a quote like this, as simple as it may be..
Works much better than any new age games, any preaching, any small talks..
Thank you, Jasper. (:


5 responses to “About Friendship

  1. Huh…What happened?

    You sound so serious!

  2. (: true, isnt it?
    its now like some… ‘jin dian ming yan’. haha.

    psst! am i in the 3rd category? am i am i am i?! :D :D lol.


    :D :D

  4. To Justin: Not sure too, but I guess it has died down too :)
    To Jing: (:
    To Shishi: I MISS YOU TOO! What is HOOLA man! :) OMG. Come online kaes, we are going fishing/prawning on the 8th! :D:D And going to visit Jing in NTU too, sometime before school starts!

  5. 7th!! not 8th!!

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