ISP Buddies @ Manhattan Fish Market!

Met Evan earlier to head down to Pandora Box to settle the stuff!
Oh yes I am going to have my own outlet in Pandora! :X
Then rushed down to Manhatten Fish Market after Evie got a call from Bryan!

They had set lunches! So worth it!

Mushroom soup!

Here are my ISP buddies!

Bryan and Jieyin!

Jun Hong and Markie!

Evie and Jo

We ordered Garden Salad in addition to what we were having!

Evie’s white snapper!
Super delicious!
But I think I prefer my Fish and Chips more!

Bryan and Markie!

Jun Hong the brainchild!
Dean List! Don’t play!

Jieyin who just graduated and told us the job market is horrid!


Dedicated to Eevonn!


After which, we headed for early Christmas shopping as I was starting my course next week!
It was fun shopping for everyone’s pressie.. :)
Can’t wait for next next Tuesday!


2 responses to “ISP Buddies @ Manhattan Fish Market!

  1. Haha, Thanks for dedicating that sweetie smile pic of Bryan to me, Jo :) That’s very sweet of you, Jo! ^^

  2. Heh, you are welcome dear :) But I think Bryan might not be vv happy abt that hor :X

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