CX’s House! :D

Well, met Evie before heading to CX’s house..
Because, we were gonna bring Island Creamery’s Nutella up! :D

Oh and happy 14th month dahling!

And so, we were the earliest there!
As usual :X
I sure miss Miss Yuki!

Passed CX the shirt Evie and me got for her from KL!
As well as the cap Jingie and me got for them :)

Haha, like owner like dog, Yuki was posing too!

The next person who came was Shishi!
Sure miss her!
Passed her the cap too!

And here’s the top we got for her from KL! :)

I have no idea what Evie was doing to poor Yuki!

Oh, Yanguang came by soon after!

Heh, and Yuki was a greedy dog..
She kept staring at us while we were eating the handmade banana custard by CX’s granny!

The spread!
We end up becoming fat fat after the meal!

Love the curry chicken and especially the cabbage!
And not forgetting the yummy banana custard!!!

Digging in!
Jingie reached and she was in heavy makeup today! :D
Pretty dahling!

All of us!

Heh, Yanguang and CX!
Can’t help feeling they quite compatible!

Evie and me!

The ladies!


Then, we discovered a treasure at CX’s house!

Shishi, CX and Tengy were watching some Korean drama and tearing away while Jaspi went off to play badminton with his family!

Poor little traumatised Yuki!

Deeply engrossed!

The four heavenly kings and queens!



Pro Mahjong-er, who reads and play! (Ok, I lost, but that’s out of the point! :X)


Soon Jackie came!

And he brought with him, lovely apple strudels from Aussie!

Well, after the mahjong game, we continued traumatising Yuki!

Jackie was happily taking down all the photos with his new camera!
So envious!

And soon it was time to bid farewell!

PSST CX, again, soon kaes! :D
And thank you CX’s granny for the sumptous spread!
I went home and did a hiroshima!


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