Day out with Master BB and Kim Puay!

It was Rich, Shan and Jasie’s birthdays today!
Happy Birthday dahlings!

Anyway, I met Evan at 130pm for lunch at Orchard before meeting Chaeho and Gilwon for some last minute souvenir shopping!
Took some photos at the Christmas house at CK Tangs!

And we went for Central for lunch!

Shopped at Bossini for some Mr Men and Little Miss shirts for our Korean buddies before meeting them.
Called Jingie and she said she was going to do something really courageous!
Told her to meet us for dinner and she agreed! :D

Met Gilwon and Chaeho and brought them around Peninsula Plaza to show them where they can get some gifts before heading to Raffles City!
Bought something in inQbox!

And went to Cocoa Trees!

Went to Marina Square for MOF where Jingie was already waiting for us there!

And gave Chaeho and Gilwon their pressies :)

Hope they like it!

Well, and soon our food came and we digged in!

Jingie, myself and Evie were craving for some Sashimi.
And so it was Udon, Sashimi and Tempura for Jingie and Udon and Sashimi for Evie and me!
Ok, and additional Kurians for Jingie and me..
What’s MOF without our Kurians!

It was Gilwon and Chaeho’s first time eating Kurian and they sure love it as much as we did!

Well, then Gilwon had to leave for Holland V to teach tuition.
Quite sad cos it will be the last time I’d see him in Singapore..
Gonna miss him though we aren’t really close.
I am glad that sometime in my life, both of them left a footprint in my memories :)
Thank you for turning around in the Korea restaurant, to help us with our orders when we were so lost.
We were meant to be friends for life, Chaeho and Gilwon :)

Then Chaeho, myself, Jingie and Evie left for Suntec!

And we sent Chaeho off while the three of us went to Topman to exchange the shirt (:
Well, we decided to have some Toastbox and it was a laughter filled session with delicious food and sugar toast and roll :)

Thank you Kim Puay and MasterBB, for making my day a very meaningful and happy one!
Love you guys!


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