KL Day 3!

In the morning while we were all still sleeping..
Evie went to the rooftop garden!

It was a pretty place I must say!

The next morning, we woke up, all dressed in suitable attire like caps and such..
And off we went to Berjaya Times Square again..
This time round, we are heading to Berjaya Hills!

But it took really long to find the shuttle bus which will take us there.

And we were finally on one! :)
It was a rather long journey..
But I slept through it. LOL, amidst drooping heads and all.

Over cast sky.. go away.

The French Village!

High up view!

Thought this photo of Jingie look really nice

There were swans!

And butts!

Paparazzi and Jingie the movie star LOL

And then, we were off to Japanese Village!

At the Botanical Gardens

Then feeding the Kois at the pond leading to the Japanese House

The lame guys!

With me!

Washing our hair! Don’t know whose idea was it but it was super lame!

Evan! LOL look like its photoshopped isnt it!

More hilarious photos!

Goodbye Japan!

And soon… we were off to a place…
Where we all… had LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN!
Ok, maybe except Evan who was sick and was sleeping/taking photos all the time!

Here we are!

It was a place where the rabbits were allowed to run freely..
And there were hell lots of them!!!

I like this rabbit.. he posed so nicely for me!

Tengy and his baby!

Rabbits being quarantined.. Why? I have no idea!

There was a hen with them! So funny!


The baby room!
Where they have a display of babies from weeks old to months old.. and even pregnant mothers.
OMG, the pregnant ones are HUGE!

So cute hor? The mother will pull out her own fur to make a nest!

Really pity this one, it had a hard time lifting his head :(

See, we were so kaypo!

Evan helped us requested for food from the Malaysian guy :)
And so we went feeding!
There were a few really smart ones who kept following us around!

And silly ones who ran away from us!

I really like this rabbit! It was so cute!! :D

Oh there were donkeys too!

These ones were really smart, they were the ones who kept following us up and down!

I really like this… Evan took it while it was sticking out his tongue!

These two were placed in cages.. Quite sad..

We had a nice time feeding the donkeys, rabbits and such.
But the deer, were super super drooly.
They totally licked their food off us!
How wet! LOL

We met Zachary too. He was the son of a country director of World Vision!
We met them on the shuttle bus!
Really nice people!
Jingie gave him her Gloria ears!


Headed back to French Village and took a photo with Zachary and his family!

The swans resting!

And we went into one of the houses to rest!

Oh and Jingie’s red cap got blew off while on the tram :(

There were performances too!

Played Daytona as well!

Sorry bestie, found this photo really cute!

At night, we went shopping again!
This time round, I don’t know what trigger some unhappiness…
Hope they are fine already (:
Anyway, we decided to split up cos it was faster to shop that way.

Lovely shopping place known as Pavilion.
If I am not wrong, its the newest shopping centre in KL!

The huge Ice Kachang Tree!


2 responses to “KL Day 3!

  1. OMG. that picture! LOL. there goes my reputation! =p haha.

  2. JINGIE: WAHAHAHA. :P See regret le right! LOL

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