KL Day 2

Sometimes, I really don’t understand why some people has such bad timing to have attitude problems or to create unnecessary issues.
There isn’t a problem initially, and they create a problem to make others in a bad mood.
It always end up spoiling everyone’s moods.
Have you met such people?

Ok and so… the day started off with us having our breakfast at Paradiso..
And off we walked to Berjaya Times Square.

Here’s a sneak preview to the fun we will be having!

But off for some shopping first.

Tengy and Evie got the same pullover :)
Think it looks nice on them!

Well, we discovered some hidden treasure!
Dr Fish, at RM5 for half an hour!
It was such a steal!

Laughter Aplenty too cos it was so damn ticklish.

And soon, Cosmo World was open, and off we went!

At the ticketing booth!

In case you are wondering, its RM43 for a person cos it was holiday period!

Our tickets!

On our first ride Dizzy Izzy

It was really giddy man

Then we took some photos before locking up the cameras!

And then took it out again cos Evie needed contacts to see
The next time we found the 3 of them..
They were on this super giddy ride

Enough photos to prove it? :X

Well, it was halloween too!

And took some photos with our colourful bracelets!

Then off we played some bumper cars and it was…
Goodbye Cosmo World..

We were all darn hungry!
Stopped by at Sushi King..
Well, the sashimi was not that delicious..
Just okay!

Edamamae! (Is that how you spell it?)

The time at Sushi King

Christmas Tree at Berjaya Times Square

And here’s when Jaspi started having ‘menopause’.

And so we stopped by this desserts shop!

Guess what’s this?

And here’s a sign for making my day! :X

Well, seeing Jaspi so tired, squatting and all..
I suggested Karoke, only to have gotten scolded by Ban.
Sian leh, this also cannot that also cannot.

But who cares, we still had alot of fun eating and singing at Neway.
Super worth it!
RM50 and you get a whole spread of lovely food for buffet!

Good night people
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


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