Met the TSKs on Sat to celebrate Jaspi’s finishing of exam and to let Evan in on a huge surprise!
We settled down at Hooked!
And told Evan that we are leaving on Monday to KL!
The little boy face changed from disbelief to donno how to react and then smiles!

LOL, can you believe it?
We kept it under wraps since 28th Sept!
And for me, its the worse cos Evan is always asking me what are we doing on 1st to 4th LOL.
But now that he knows, I feel really happy!!

Here are the caps for Tsks! :)
To be worn in KL.
Too bad Shishi cannot make it last minute due to Visa problems!
It’s ok dahling, we will bring some part of KL back!

And thank you Tsks, for all the wonderful things you have done to make this surprise possible for Ban :)
Bye everyone, I am leaving to KL and coming back on 4th!


2 responses to “SURPRISE FOR BAN!

  1. Hope you are having fun in KL. =)

    Too bad Shishi couldn’t make it at last minute. She was very eager for the trip.

  2. :) I am! Yes.. I felt really disappointed too!

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