KL Day 1

I am back from KL!
Our flight was a really good deal! $55 2-way!
But I havent been a good girl..
Have been neglecting this place for along time!

Met Evie at Bishan Bus Interchange to take 53 to airport!
And we stopped by Pasir Ris halfway to grab a quick lunch as Evie was having gastric pains!

Ended up we were pretty late, so we hurried to Airport in a cab!

Met the rest who were already there!
And Evie gave me a scolding cos three of them were wearing pants and I said no one was..
With nothing much to do, we headed into the Departure Hall almost immediately.

Well, havent been to Terminal 3 so off we went since we were still early…!

And we reached T3!

Jingie was so amused by this doll.. -_-“

And I saw A380!

Took one group photo

And saw an amazing bottle

Then off we went back to T1

Well, we sat outside the gate as we didnt wanna be stuck inside for too long..
But I saw the guy waving and so I got them to go in..
Only to know that our flight was gonna be delayed for an hour!

Did silly things like reading my blog and attempting to connect to FB’s Pet Society!
So freaking laggy and so we gave up

Anyway, the plane came.

Bye Singapore!

In about half an hour time, we were due to touch down in KL.
Amazing, I feel like I was travelling from Bishan to Jurong.

Filling up Arrival cards!

Bye Air Asia hello KL!

The moment we touched down, we took a really long bus ride to the place where our hostel was at..
And, when we reached, the bus stopped at some place that wasn’t our hostel!
In fact, there were supposed to be other stops after that, but seems like everyone has alighted so we alight too
Anyway, we cabbed to our hostel in the end..
Thank goodness the uncle knew the way!
Heh, we checked in, and was really happy with our room.
Clean, and cozy :)
People like us, are very simple, and can sleep anywhere.
Anyway, we headed out to Sungei Wang for dinner.
Hungry like mad and it was already 9pm.
Sigh. Shops were already closing and we did not wanna eat Secret Recipe’s on the 1st day
After exploring the area, we decided on… some HK restaurant!
And we did not regret it!
IT was really delicious!

Happy people like us. :D

Being very full, we decided to digest our food by walking around the area abit..
Found even more food places behind our hostel.
Kinda regretted not eating there instead, there were more local cuisines!

Haha, saw really funny slippers too

And see.. NICE FOOD!

But okay la, we did try some ‘local’ cuisines too!

Found this really nice vintage shop..
But seems like Jaspi, Tengy and Jingie were rather tired so Ban and me didn’t really shop much! :(

A nice start to our little getaway!


5 responses to “KL Day 1

  1. SO FUNN!! n foooooodd!!

    LOL! didn’t know there was 1hr delay. stupid air asia!

    did evie get that green coat? he looks girly with that HAHAHA! :p

  2. Looks really fun!!

    >>>he looks girly with that HAHAHA! :p

    I couldn’t disagree. =P

    …looking forward to the Day 2 post :)

  3. To Shishi: Yes :( So sad you couldn’t come! Air Asia is well known for being ‘punctual’ And nope, he didn’t, he only tried it cos it looks really gross :D

    To Justin: It’s really fun! :) And yes, he looks really girly tt’s why he took a photo! And Day 2 is up!

  4. We should all go for a trip again soon ..
    I really enjoy holiday trip like this .. let try something less urban n more adventure in the future..
    Hope all can make it the next time ..
    Thanks for the surprise Darling .. ^_^’

    happi Holidays

  5. To Ban:



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