Ban Ban Day!

I went out with the Bestie before Ban Ban. LOL.
He was so angry!
But its ok, I love both of them the same!
Anyway.. he accompanied me to MC for casting and then, we headed to Joo Chiat.
Wanted to bring him to try the famous Xiao Long Bao there..
Really cheap and it tastes like Ding Tai Fung’s!
We alighted at Sims Avenue..
And walked the whole of Joo Chiat Road.
Mind you, its about 6 or 7 bus stops long.
Anyway, when we finally found the place (Thanks to the incorrect address), it was at the end of Joo Chiat Road, and we started off from the start.
Hungry, and tired, we walked into the coffee shop.
Ok, Ban scolded me as usual for being so blur and sotong. :(

Well, the only fruitful thing for this whole Joo Chiat fiasco was that…
We found alot of Korean restaurants on our way there!

So, we explored the place..
And we found even more delicious and affordable food..
Teehee, Tsks, shall we go there soon :D
But but, in the end, Ban saw Waraku and..
We decided to eat there!
And we did not regret it!
It was hell delicious.
I feel fat fat again. :(

Yummy sashimi!

Our sumptous spread!

Ban finishing all of his! LOL

Then we headed to Marine Parade..
I think my 3rd time there or so :)
Well, I quite love this heartland mall..
Makes me feel vv cozy shopping there..
I have no idea why.
Found Borders and it was basically the first shop I went to!
Ban bought me this!

And Jingie and I got the Tsks badges!

Walked around and Ban complaint his legs were aching and so we sat down for some tea before heading out to take Christmas trees!
Ok, or rather, attempting to take them.

It’s always happy to go out with Ban after the exams..
Cos he’s trigger happy and not as stressed…
I don’t like going out with him during the semester..
Seldom enjoy it!

Well, wanting to catch Beverly Hills Chihuahua before my free passes expire…
We went to GV!
Only to know again, no free passes allowed.

But despite all, we had a very good time.
Cos there was Sesame Street at Marina Sq!

Walked around, ate this really nice HK food (which Ban claims to be nothing special)…
Makes me feel like home again. :(
Then… the performance started and we stood there to watch..
I guess, judging from the photos, you should know who Ban likes most.

We ended the day with my favourite Kurian!

Thank you Banny :D


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