Bobbi Brown’s Girlfriend Day (:

Met Jingie at her house area!
Bought my favourite bubble tea which I have been craving for AGES.
Anyway, we missed 54 (cos silly me alighted) and 162M was not operating!
(Come to think of it, Jingie, I thought the Shenton Way wasn’t! The other 162M to Suntec was!!!!)
But anw, we didn’t wanna miss the show, and being hot and sweaty, we took 280.

We were about 15minutes early, just nice to buy tickets, popcorns, look around.
But I ended spending $2 on a stupid catching machine :(
And it was uber silly! But its ok! I had fun!
Got the Beverly Hill Chihuahua tickets (Came FOC with my OCBC MSA!)
Jingie got her popcorn + drink and we went in to join the other 3 lonely souls inside.
I really wonder how Eng Wah earn their profits.

Can’t wait to watch Ice Age 3 too!

Anyway, Beverly Hills Chihuahua was so damn nice.
It was funny, girly, yet having loads of morals in it..
About friendship, love… and trust.
Really love the show alot. (:
But more of the company, and nonsensical chatting and laughing in the show.

XMAS Tree at Suntec!
(Jo chants “XMAS Tree, Oh XMAS Tree!”)

After which, we wanted to head to River Island initially, but guess time did not quite permit..
And we had Clarins to collect and so we went straight to Isetan Scotts.
First time on MRT after zillion of months. LOL.
SO damn suaku. Realised they change their “TI TI TI” to “Terima Kasik”!

Clarins didn’t quite ask us much so we went to Coach to see if I could get my wallet repaired.
And the girl at Coach was rude.
Went to Bobbi Brown once we were done ogling at LOF’s bags.

Bobbi Brown was uber fun.
Jing’s MUA was really nice and friendly!
And super pretty too.
Mine’s was more ahlian but still nice. (:
I prefer my MUA’s makeup skills though, looks younger.

Jingie had a mirror to hold and was explained about each product the MUA used.

While I was bored and waiting for my MUA.

Before! (Ok, Jing cheated, she had concealer on already!)

Haha, just happened the flash hid my face.
Btw, Jingie looks really cute right!
She was getting her hair done while I was stoning. :P

When her hair’s done and I am waiting for mine!

Doing my sotong curls hair!

Big eye small eye waiting for Jing’s photoshoot.

My cute lil’ bestie. *PINCHES CHEEKS*

Jing’s 6 faces.

She Mi Mi!

Checking out other people’s butt.

Cheeky (Photographer says, “Show your teeth!”)


Chor lor


My turn! (:
It was fun phototaking but I don’t really like the cute and chor lor pose she told me to do!

The most unglam pose she told me to do.

And can you believe that for once, I am fair!

Ok, let’s put up some glam photos ok? (:
So that at least, our $80 didn’t go to waste.

Jingie had LONG eyelashes!

It was 330pm when we finished our shoot.
And omg, we were starving.
I suggested Pepper Lunch and we were hell glad there were student meals!
Yes, we are thrifty (cheapo) people!

I couldn’t wait and started mixing mine!

Check out my gender and who I am here with!

Then we went shopping at Topshop, Zara, F21, Aldo, Dorothy Perkins, Kino, Arts Friends and finally…
We arrive at Taka’s Pull and Bear..
And I saw Paige Chua!
Ok, she look really pretty!

And it was 6pm by then and our legs were very much aching and we were thirsty like crazy from all those catching up and laughing!
We stopped by Central, aka Zhong Huan.

Had delicious RED BEAN!
Well, there used to be more shops selling this, but soon, it started depleting.
How sad. My fave drink!

And of course, BUTTER SUGAR TOAST!
Favourite too!

Had a nice chit chat again and off we went to the Toys’ Fair outside..
We didn’t forget the rest of the TSKs even when we were out!

Presenting to you, from L to R: Jaspi, Tengy and Evie

Presenting to you, from L to R, T to B: Jingie, CX, Jo (on top) and Shishi

Then we headed up to Accessorize, wanting to check out something..
And we subconsciously walked to Taka. Sigh.
Kanebo was having a makeup fair too, and they had really attractive prizes..
And definitely looks more professional with that booth size and amount of helpers.
Never mind, Jingie promised me next year :P
Then we shopped around for a while…
Before Banny called me and off we went to meet Jackie and him who were taking photos at Paragon.
Girlfriends meet boyfriends.

It was a lovely day out, felt really tired when I reached home, but not when I was out with Jingie. (:
I love you Bestie, let’s do this again. LOL.
Did I tell you, my feet are swollen, can’t wait that Novo sandals again :(
Havaianas next time! TEEHEE.

Our fave photo!


2 responses to “Bobbi Brown’s Girlfriend Day (:

  1. :D

  2. you girls look chio! 80 bucks for a makeover is quite cheap..

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