Suddenly feel very alone in this world.

Gosh, she totally said what I wanted to say.. Ok maybe except the sentence about marriage and all.

But still.. it didn’t really help when I chanced upon Sunshine’s blog and the music started playing.

Gosh, I feel even more lonely.


5 responses to “Empty

  1. WHY OH WHY! you’ve got meeeee.

  2. You’ve got Meeeeee tooo!!

  3. Jo to Jing, Shishi and Ning:

    Aww, thanks for being there always lovelies!

  4. Wat’s wrong with my blog? Wat song? U ok?

    This sem I’m so out of the picture with u guys. sad.

    Let’s catch up after exams; my last paper ends on the 3rd dec, morning. ;)

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