Korean Pop Night

Gosh, this was ages ago!
Havent been updating my blog for ages. :(

Anyway, let me try to recall.
Met Banny at 6pm, was intending to meet Chaeho for dinner but ended up everything got delayed.
Got the tickets at $80 and so I was happy cos Jewelry was going to be there!

Before I met Ban, I was actually baking butter cookies!
Really nice, but hai, after eating just one piece, I got a sore throat and was running a slight fever :(

This must be Ban’s most favourite baked item of mine.

We tried taking a bus there, but omg, there was a huge crowd of people waiting for 16 at Raffles City area, and so we cabbed there.
Went to Koufu and grab some dinner.
And for the first time, Ban ate some really nice and delicious non-healthy food and he did not complain!

Off we headed to Korean Pop Night.
The stage was quite a disappointed.
The merlions standing there totally spoilt the Korean feel!

Taking photos while waiting for Chaeho around his seats.

Look at the huge crowd!

Soon Chaeho was here!

And the show was about to start, so we returned to our seats!
It was a good view.. and we were given bang bangs to hit!

That’s my idol on the left!
She’s the leader of Jewelry and super chio/chic too!
Park Jung Na! Love her voice and style.

Actually, after Jewelry, I didn’t quite like the many performances after.
In fact, the very much highly anticipated Wondergirls were very much disappointing.
I feel that Jewelry is much better in their vocals and dancing!
Ok, maybe they look prettier, that’s why.

The show’s ending :(
I miss Korea.

Home bound!
Met Chaeho again and off we walked to the main road to take a bus to Orchard.

Showed him the videos we sneakily captured during the concert.
And he loves them! (:
I still love my Jewelry very much.
Wanted to go for the Autograph session the next day, but I had 42 presentation (that did not suffice in the end) and..
It was so wasted.
Oh well.
I gave way on the way home with Ban.


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