Dinner with My Lovelies!

Was supposed to have dinner with Shishi.
But Evie said got project meeting later at night, and I hadn’t bought my things from Popular..
So I had to pangseh her!
Sorry babe!

Anyway, met up with Jingie at Prata House.
Just suddenly craving for Prata.
Probably due to the adrenaline running through me.
Prototype 2 due on Monday.
Got loads to do.
Ok I am not complaining.
Just sharing :P

Comfort food.
No wonder I am so fat.
Cheese Egg Prata and Iced Tea Chino!

Ha, thought Jing look cute here.

Non-photoshopped effects!

Jingie getting amused by my old school phone!
It was from JC times and I swear it has the most amazing tones and sounds ever!
It’s super hilarious!
Thanks to Evie who dugged them out for me.
Had fun laughing and de-stressing!

Ha! I really had no idea when I gave such a face!

Ok la, shall end it with a nicer photo of us.

And Jing’s poor camera who was hijacked by Evie’s narcissist shots.

Then, off we went to J8.
Got my HSM3 OST! So happy!
And Jing got her Jay Chou’s discs.
Shopped at Popular for a while.
Caught up with her.
It’s so nice (:
We need to meet more often.
But sucky school does not allow.

But Jingie the lucky girl’s ending on Monday.
And I am not complaining.
I am sharing.

Hai, good luck ok everyone in all your deadlines.
I am off.


3 responses to “Dinner with My Lovelies!

  1. (: no worries! ya ya next week!

  2. dont worry, we’ll have more time to meet up once exam’s over (:
    next time dont bring evan along when we are eating unhealthy food ok? HAHAHA :p

  3. To Shishi:

    To Jing:
    Yes! Don’t bring him! He’s such a wet blanket :(

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