Chae Ho’s 22nd and HSM3!

I realised, as Banny gets more stressed..
My photos get lesser..
Oh well, jiayou Ban!
You must head on, else I will lose sight too. :P

I used to read blogs everytime I was free..
Like every hour..
But nowadays, I can even go to sleep without reading them..
But yesterday night, Flying Barney made my day.
They really make people wanna get married!

Anyway, it was time for some chill-out!
It was Chae Ho’s birthday that day! (:
He’s same age as me actually, but cos Koreans tend to add +1year to their age, hence he’s 22.
Mmm, can I -1 from mine? :D

Haha, Chae Ho ‘chopping’ the cake..
We didn’t ask him to pose like this!

He was really happy..
We actually met them for lunch, prepared the cake and all and surprised him :)

Hai, but he didn’t exactly have any experience with cutting cheese cake I supposed..


Actually, we brought the box, hoping that he can bring home some for later..
But ended up, cos the cake was like this, each one of us ate a huge chunk of it..
Evie in the loo for close to 40minutes..
And me, feeling the after-effects of fatness.
Never mind about that..
In the evening, I felt even more fatty. SIGH.

Handed him his Topshop Vneck shirt!
He loves it!

Probably our last group photo together in NUS :(
They are leaving soon..
Quite sad. :(

To evening.
Met my group of favourite people!
Heh, we had KFC cos Auntie Jo and Uncle Tengy had COUPONS!

Too hungry to chat.

What’s with Jing’s face!
Lol CX was obviously trying to share sth with her..
But she looks like she’s gloating about sth!

Then it was High School Musical.
:) Amazingly done.
Love it!
But I guess I like the OST more :D
See the aftermath?

We became more loving.
LOL, jk.
Anyway, I realised, as we get more busy, we have lesser time to quarrel.
In fact, we haven’t quarrelled for… very long!

Then, CX suggested Ben’s and Jerry’s.
So off we went to Cathay!

4 of us!

3 of them who ate!
We were all feeling really full, but the 3 of them could still eat!
Check out Tengy’s face in the first pic. :P
Very amusing.

Shishi and me.
I swear I am balding.

I have no idea what Jaspi is laughing at.
But looking at his photo makes me wanna laugh even more!

Sigh, Jing, why so shy?!
Act only.

And lucky Shirley :D

Haha, that’s all.
A day with my favourite people, keeps the doctor away.


3 responses to “Chae Ho’s 22nd and HSM3!

    1. im REALLY shy.
    2. i also dont know why i looked like i was gloating or smirking. haha.
    3. ty looks really cute in that.
    4. cant rmb what jaspie was laughing abt either, but i rmb it was quite funny. :p

    i cant wait for exams to end. we MUST go out again…soon…

  2. aunty JO!! LoLL!!

    Yeah, “a day out with fav ppl keeps the doc away”


  3. Shishi:

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