Swensens Day with Banny

Omg, its November already. :(
And I still have 2 posts dated back in October.
Shucks, I really need to know what’s called update, on the spot.
Anyway, here goes.
We were rushing for something the night before and hence, that explains why we were heading home at that time.
Well, I suggested lunch @ Swensens, after all they had the $9.80 deals for students!
*PSST, Jing, sundaes soon? (:
It’s not as nice eating with Evie.. he makes the icecream feel fat.

We had the Seafood Splash pizza…
I kept thinking we ate in Swensens..
But actually, that pizza, we ate with Soon Chan and In Ho in Korea..
Missing it, it tastes super nice..
Still can’t believe I am back in SG..
Reality check.

The pizza!
It’s.. okay la.

I think the Salmon spaghetti tasted so much nicer that day.
We were like chomping on our food like we haven’t eaten for days.
Sigh, projects.
Take the life out of us. Literally.

I have no idea what kind of pizza photo this is.
Looks ultimate gross.

Us as usual.
See, we are looking more lifeless… :(
Very sad.

Remind me next time, if I don’t have Yummy Raisin at all in my sundae, don’t eat.
I ordered the Cookies and Cream tower, but it sucks!
I have no idea why..
Could it be the company?


JING!!!!! :(


3 responses to “Swensens Day with Banny

    must be the company! hahaha :p
    ok, lets go for sundae soon!
    ANYTIME (: just dial the numbers.

  2. hahaha! evan will be very sad!! :-P

  3. Jing:
    Yes, the company matters loads. I think if I eat with you or Shishi I wont feel so horrible after eating :(

    Lol, he should be! He made me sad too. LOL

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