Sandy’s Concert with Banny

I swear Evie Li is loving me more… proportionally to the length of my hair.
Haha jk! :)
Anyway we went for Sandy Lam’s concert over the weekend.
And I am beginning to understand why Evie likes her so much.
Her vocals are so damn good.
She has a wide range and she can change range just so easily, and there’s no hint of changing at all. Like people have to take in breaths etc.
But omg, she’s damn zai.
Her voice, omg so cute! The way she laughs too.
She’s really nice and sincere.
And the songs she sings, even if it was my first time hearing..
I could feel sadness in them.
True enough, Evie said these songs were the ones she sang after her divorce!
And somehow, she exludes this gracefulness, and prettiness in a way… that I am beginning to think I am a lesbian.
Anyway, she’s lovely. (:
I am a new fan! Not that crazy yet though.
Haha, I am still very much HSM ;)
Ok photos!

Having a try at my Nutella cupcakes which I baked in the morning (:

Sigh, I swear my hair getting more damaged :(

Pastamania for dinner. :)
Same old things again. Creamy Chicken :P

I seemed to look thinner this time round in this top.
Ok make me happy by agreeing kaes? :D

Goodbye! Time for some Sandy lovin’!


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