I thought too much into it..
After that very comforting interview I had..
Planning my life as to what happens if it had been successful..
Maybe that’s why, I am taking it harder than anything else..
Or maybe after that mock surprise on Sunday morning..
That made me believe that I might have a chance afterall..
But I guess, I am back to Ground Zero.
Welcome back to Earth, Jo.


7 responses to “Maybe…

  1. one door closes.. and another opens.

    like i said, cld be a blessing in disguise. pick urself up soon!

  2. Life go on but Ban Ban will always be there to support u ^_^
    You next goal is to make ur affair BIG ^^

  3. it really sucks, that it does.

    But ya dun need to be worried, that you don’t.

    For i know, there is a bigger, fatter chance waiting for ya, that i do.


  4. To Jing:

    Thanks (:

  5. To Ban:
    Thanks for the company and meatballs today (:

  6. To Shishi:
    Aww. I think we can try for next year’s ATAP! :)

  7. update update! :p

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