Sketched with Love.

We were supposed to head to Singapore Biennale for our Assignment 6 blogging exercise.
Heh, but Evie needed to buy his pillow… So we dropped by OG.
And we saw people sketching portraits there..
So… why not? :)
A definitely worth it first year pressie! (:

Sketching me!
Felt like an exhibit! LOL so paiseh!
I was telling Evie, I can so die on the spot. :S

Evie on the other hand, was braver.

Seemed so used to the attention huh!

Almost done!

Paid $30 for the sketching, and $10 for the ‘lamination’.
The lamination was like no choice.
If we don’t laminate, the whole picture will be black black.

Ha, we tried imitating our ‘solemn faces’ on the bus.
While on the way to Esplanade!

Ok we kinda gave up.

:) The finished picture!

As usual, making fun of Evie :P

Haha, censored?

Lovely sunset that I had to capture!

At Singapore Biennale..
Was already 7pm when we reached.
Chop chop take photos and left..
Cos Daddy and Mommy were still waiting for us for dinner.
Just some random shots at the one at Marina Boulevard!

The photographer!

In this super cool white house..
Everything was snow white inside!
Felt really tanned being inside :(

Thought this photo looked really nicely taken, cos he looks so natural!

My latest 3-items-to-take-if-im-stranded-on-an-island.

First time trying Buttercream, wasn’t very successful actually..
But thank goodness Shishi finds it alright (:

But then I think she’s just too sweet/nice to tell me it does not taste nice :P


5 responses to “Sketched with Love.

  1. haizzzz.. it’s really niceee!! LoLL :D

  2. i cant help to notice his white slippers n black socks in the white house. lol

  3. Haha! Why! Of all things you noticed that! LOL…

  4. Heh, I know! Cos I look really nice inside right! :P So sweet of ya!

  5. any recipes for cupcakes to share? pls pls pls. send to my email. thanks! :):)

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