A Dedication to Dearest Banban.. Part 2.

Haiyah, some people keep on bugging me for it…
I am done le! :P
Here goes!

Well, after my trip back from Hanoi…
We are finally together (:
Started teaching him in school…

Lunch with CX – 9th October 2007

Raymond’s Bday Celebration – 10th October 2007

This happened to be our very first photo together too (:

Monsoon Hairshow – 14th October 2007

Really regret going for this stupid show..
I probably would have nice flowy hair by now.

Okay in between this, we had S@S stuff..
And somewhere between, we had our first kiss..
Aww how sweet right? :P

Dinner at Sketches – 23rd October 2007


Then we headed to Sunway! – 5th to I dont know when Dec 2007

First time Ban in contacts!

Karoke at Partyworld! – 10th December 2007

Our first Karoke session together, it was really nice crooning love songs to each other..

TSKS Dinner! – 12th December 2007

Swimming at Jurong East – 13th December 2007

Dinner with his Poly friends at Waraku! – 14th December 2007

Lunch with his Army Friends – 15th December 2007

Out with Mommy – 20th December 2007

Pei Pei’s Steamboat – 21st December 2007

How embarrassing! I rmb some of them caught us sneaking a kiss at the traffic light. :P

Christmas Eve – 24th December 2007

Jacky’s Christmas Party – 25th December 2007

No wonder I am always fat.. someone loves stuffing food into my mouth!

Jing’s Christmas Party – 26th December 2007

Saturday Day Out – 28th December 2007

Hehe, brought him to my favourite hangout! – C. Nai HK Cafe!

And made the specs he looks best in!

Fireworks on New Year Eve – 1st January 2008

Also our very first fireworks session together (:
Thank goodness for the tripod.. which captured us together with our favourite fireworks!

Sushi with Jackson – 2nd January 2008

Shall I scare you with some fake plastic surgery? AHEM!

Cycling at ECP – 4th January 2008

Sentosa! – 9th January 2008

First time wearing bikini too! :P

Bowling and Billy Bombers with Jingie – 11th January 2008

Hmm, where are the photos with Jingie?

Flea @ Scape! – 12th January 2008
-No photographs together-

Zoo with TSKs – 18th January 2008

Virgin Oven Cupcake Baking – 21st January 2008

Chinatown Madness – 3rd February 2008

CNY – 9th February 2008


YG’s Farewell and Jackie’s Bday – 11th February 2008

Tuesday Day Out – 12th February 2008

Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2008

Sunflower + handmade breakfast :)

Valentine’s Day Celebration – 15th February 2008

I realised I never wore this shirt anymore!

Visit Evan’s Dad – 29th February 2008

Hideous Shiseido – 11th March 2008

Ban’s ugly hair!

Someone Video – 20th March 2008


Tan’s and Eunice’s 21st – 29th March 2008

Studying in School – 24th April 2008

Random Shots – 26th April 2008

Met up with Eevonn for 2nd Time – 5th May 2008

Shopping at Haji Lane – 7th May 2008

7th Month! – 8th May 2008

Jing’s Bday – 9th May 2008

Someone Celebrations – 9th May 2008

Wedding Show – 10th May 2008

Our last outing before I left FOR HK!
Someone was really sad huh.. :P

My Cheesecake Surprise! – 24th May 2008

Thank you guys for the rich cheese..
I should have shared with Shishi..
I am so fat now :(

CX’s 22nd – 25th May 2008

Ban’s wearing his favourite hoodie! :P

Hair Disaster @ Jean Yip – 27th May 2008

Impromptu Outing and Lunch at Shokudo! YUMMY! – 31st May 2008

Not very impromptu cos Jingie and me planned for it. :)
To get Ban’s birthday pressie!

Ban’s Magic Egg – 31st May 2008

Sushi at Yotei/Genki Sushi! – 2nd June 2008

Thanks to my GENKI craze at HK!

Chalet at Sentosa with TSKS – 4th June 2008

The cupcakes handmade by Jingie and myself! :)

Evie’s 26th Sexy Birthday – 5th June 2008

Our first underwater shot – 5th June 2008

Our first sunrise together (: – 6th June 2008

Ok.. and Banny, can I continue Part 3 another day… Tmr got morning lecture!


5 responses to “A Dedication to Dearest Banban.. Part 2.

  1. whoa.. the first time you won a bikini falls on my 21st. :D:D:D:D:D

  2. My hair getting bad to worst >_<
    But our relationship just get better

  3. i m still waiting for the story part 3 :D

  4. Hai, no time babe.. Maybe after next week!

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