A Dedication to Dearest Banban.. Part 1.

Here are the photos we took before we got together…
But as you go scroll down…
You probably can feel that its so obvious we like each other already (:

Chalet Fun – 8th May 2007

HMM! Check out Shishi’s hair!

Jackson’s Cheerleading Stint – 31st May 2007

Oh and I think somewhere here we went for Adventure Singapore together..
That’s when we started pouring secrets out to each other.. LOL

Ban’s 25th (: – 13th June 2007

Ah see la, some people already wanted to kiss me since then… LOL jk!

UK Fun Fair VORTEX – 15th June 2007

Where I called him boyfriend material here and now he’s mine.. hmm.

Pre-Camp Preparations! – 16th June 2007
-No photos together-

Sentosa Fun! – 23rd June 2007

Emerga Camp – 24th June 2007 to I don’t know when.
-No photos together-

Okay it started getting more obvious from Ban here…
Camp Outing – 30th June 2007

Chomp Chomp – 3rd July 2007
-No photos together-

Minds! – 7th July 2007

Balcony – 14th July 2007

EWW, my makeup skills really hideous then!

Jasper’s Birthday Chalet – 16th July 2007 to I don’t know when

Fondue Madness – 18th July 2007
-No photos together-

Gathering at CX’s House for Fondue – 20th July 2007

MOS Night Out – 28th July 2007

Jaspi’s 22nd! – 29th July 2007

Our first impromptu date out…
Simpson Outing – 1st August 2007

FOW Day 1 – 2nd August 2007

FOW Day 3 – 5th August 2007

Too bad I have no pics of us dancing together.. :(

Ok, our first actual date out.. Where he accompanied me in the morning for sth quite secret…
Fun at Settlers – 6th August 2007

Chester’s Birthday – 11th August 2007

Heartstring Walk – 18th August 2007

Fireworks – 18th August 2007

My 20th Birthday – 11th September 2007

OMG, my hay-like hair.

My Actual 20th Birthday – 12th September 2007


Tengy’s 25th – 15th September 2007

Umm, I thought Jing look quite cute here.. What happened to now?

This is when I started making it obvious :P Cos some people quite dense..
Swimming before Lantern Fun – 25th September 2007

Lantern Fun! – 25th September 2007

OMG that’s a whole lot of photos.
But anyway, that’s basically us before we got together (:
Thanks for the friendship and being my confidate Banny.

Hmmm…. to be continued okay?


5 responses to “A Dedication to Dearest Banban.. Part 1.

  1. this would have been a reeeeeaaaaally sweet post if not for the word “tribute” – makes me think of smthg else.
    haha. im still cute :p

  2. Ya lol sound like i die le …
    But i just wan to say no matter how many photos we took together … we are fated to be together ..
    Happy 1 to u too JOJO

  3. Me hair change alot from start till now hoho ..
    where is part 2 ?

  4. WOWWW!! ttt’s very SWEEtttt!! (:

  5. oh hehe, y? that time my hair also v cute?! :P

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