Feng Shui Loving!

Aww.. It was okay..
Hmm.. let’s just hope not much accting or biz grads applied!
Anyway.. onto something nicer..
I bought my first Feng Shui book today..
And I was super happy with what it said…
“This is a coming together of ‘secret friends’ so it is generally regarded as a very auspicious combination. Marriage between these two signs generally works well as they are able to see eye-to-eye, agreeing on most things and being very simpatico with one another. It is easy for them to develop trust and understanding, so the base on which they build their relationship is strong and stable; when they succeed in getting married ,theirs will be a satisfying life with the promise of happiness.”

“They can rely on each other in good times or bad, and the compatibility of their feelgs and attitudes override all obstacles. Any attempts to split them is unlikely to work and in 2009, the strong Rabbit will pull the Dog out of any depression or sadness.”

Yay. Happy!


2 responses to “Feng Shui Loving!

  1. i really like what they said about me too.

    so easily pleased :D

  2. hahaha. :) same here.

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