Our 1st Year… and a proper date finally.

Just saw a blog which I have been reading for past few months…
She said, “It really isn’t easy for two people to meet.
And it is even harder for these two people to fall in love.
Thus, I always thought that we should cherish everyone we love in life.”

How true.
And today, we celebrate our actual 1st year! (Well, I left for Hanoi on this day!)
Woke up early today to attend IBM.
Boring and pointless.
Took our attendance and Shishi, myself, Bryan and Banny left early.
:) Bryan accompanied us on the journey back!

Well, then we headed to CCK!
Ban planned to bring me to this place called FarMart!
I was really excited cos he mentioned there were a lot of fluffy cute little animals residing there!

It was a long way for that shuttle bus though.
And I got honked at today for walking slowly :(

Anyway.. then when we reached..
It was quite disappointing.
But we found a place where we could feed animals..
At first it all look fine..

Cute animals and all..



Then I realised, they were standing up not because they were excited to see us.
But because they were so freaking hungry!
That’s when, my heart pained…
Their food bowls were empty..
There was water..
But they dont even have a proper place to stand..
It was just plain wires..
And those soft little feets would have hurt…

I couldn’t take it anymore..
I bought food and fed them..
But there was so little I could do..
After all it was just plain carrots and corn..
And I know they are definitely not full..
Pom Pom eats a whole carrot!

Their little faces…
Said so much…

There was one who had teething problems..
And took really long to bite of a small piece of carrot..
It was heart-wrenching..
I told Ban, I couldn’t take it..
Walked off…
And teared…
It was not a place for us to… admire animals.
It was a place to see how they were tortured..
Although Ban initially brought me there cos he knows I love animals..
I am sorry if I spoilt the day by feeling terrible :(

Anyway… we left that place…

Shitty place it is.

On a happier note, we walked around LOT1..
Haven’t be there before…
Found “More Than Words” having a 1-for-1 sale for this..
And so we got it!

We promised to save $2 a day! Heh.
Really cute huh?
Ban’s called “Ok ok Potato!”
While mine’s called “Sweet Cake!”
Lol :)
And I really maluated myself..
I went downstairs and saw MiniToons selling the same thing..
And their designs were nicer..
I even asked if it can be changed!
Then I realised, its not the same shop!

Oh, and when we were at the topmost level looking down, I just happened to ask Ban if he had the MOF card..
Really craving for Kurian then…
And when we headed down..
We saw..

So… coincidental!
And unexpected too!

But I am happy!

Here comes the almighty dessert!

It was a happy ending after all (:
Then we headed to… Singapore River..
Just wanted to sit down and chill out!
Had some fun before sitting down..


Finally sat down and rest..

It was really relaxing just sitting down and chilling out..
Doing nothing, thinking about nothing.. basically just stoning..
And look at the world go past you..

Then… we decided to head to Bugis..
Cos couldn’t decide between Sakae Teppanyaki and Fish and Co!
But we decided on Teppanyaki in the end..
And I am so glad we didn’t make a wrong choice!
It was really delicious!
First time Ban finished all that was given to him..
So you can see.. how yummy it was!
Oh and I finished my food for the first time too!

Full and really elated people. :)
NOTE: Ning, can we head there the next time you come back? :P

Just went upstairs to get a card for Feng Meng who sent us a postcard all the way from Edinburgh..
Didn’t get any in the end cos we thought a handmade one would be more meaningful..
But when we passed by the neoprint shop..
We took our very first neoprint tgt..
And we promised each other we are going to do that for the many anniversaries to come! :)
Here goes to a really fun and exciting day out with the dahling. (:
Love you.. and cheers to many more years to come!
Happy actual 1st year!
P.S: I think you probably know how impt this post is to me, cos this is the first time I update right after the event! Just wanted to write while the memory lasts!

P.P.S: After seeing the neoprint, I think you probably can differentiate who decorate what. :P
Aww. But still… it is really memorable!
Cos to me, it felt like a real date after many months ;)
Anyway, on a random note, I seem fairer in my photos today!


5 responses to “Our 1st Year… and a proper date finally.

  1. god… the animals.. ):
    so heartbreaking.
    it’s prolly on purpose so that the visitors will buy food and feed them.

    but glad tt you had a good day in the end (:
    happy first yr! heh.

  2. ^__________________________^
    Me look kuku as usual.
    Thou very tired, ME very happy
    Happy ACTUAL 1 Year !
    Wait till the fake one come then …
    LOVE u ..

  3. Yes the animals.. really.. :(
    Yes, definitely on purpose.. But still… its really heartless of them isn’t it!
    Thank you sweetie!

  4. Aww dahling. :)
    Haha, yeah kuku! But me too, very tired, but very happy.
    It’s like despite feeling tired, I am still having that trigger happy thing in me. :)
    And thank you sweetie.. you too!
    Haha.. fake one. :P The auspicious one you mean! XOXO!

  5. =P happppy 1st year!! =P

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