You know, they say women are complicated creatures..

Maybe I should say… I helluva don’t understand guys.

And it seems like Heaven’s playing tricks on Shishi and me..

Everytime when we wanna work together, one gets the interview, and the other no.

It had happened twice. Please don’t happen a third time :(

I forgot that I updated this page!




7 responses to “????

  1. soooo.. what did he do again? haha

  2. Not Ban la, me and him = happily together!

  3. What again.? Forever me ?
    Forever Happy

  4. What kind of face is that! :) Hahaha.. OF course. Forever you (:

  5. HAHAH nvm, there’s still PERM JOB :D :D let’s pray tgt. to get into one tgt. !!

    ALLL THE BEST for monday!! (:

  6. :) yes dear..! we will get in tgt! :) MUST! heh.

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