Happy Children’s Day!

So angry with myself!
I thought I transferred all the photos to my desktop and pressed delete to delete the photos on my memory card.
Ah, must be too much photoshop earlier.
I am so sad.
All my cakes, my dates and my B&Js.
Jingie, do send me yours!

Had a great time that day.
Met Jingie at 1020am, oops was late.
To get flowers for Mommy. Her bday was the next day!
Then we had a lift from Daddy to PS!
Where we met up with Shishi and her sister.
Haha, and Jing agreed that her sister looks younger!
Had a feast at KFC before heading upstairs to Precious Thots where we stoned and admired Kimmidolls before heading upstairs again for House Bunny!
It was such a bimbotic show, albeit nice, cos I am watching with the girlfriends :)
IT was hell funny, terms that only girls would understand.
Haven’t felt so happy in a very long time.
Because when I am out with them, no one stops us from having fun.
We don’t think twice, we don’t care about consequences.
Simply because, we are girls. (:
So off we went to Secret Recipes after stoning around in ‘Made With Love’.
Yummylicious Chocolate Strawberry, NY Cheesecake and Classic Cheese!

Went to DP where I got my Tulip Skirt!
Haha, super happy buy! (:
Then finally, made our way to SMU to study. :)
An okay place. The tables were damn freaking dirty!
Our tissues were BLACK!!!
But, the company was nice.
Laughing about the usual old stuff.
Actually, we are very simple girls, easy to please :)
Just give us food, laughter and good company..
And we can be happy all day long.

At 5, Shishi left us for school.
And Jingie and me studied till 6pm before we made our way to PS!
The Wood Mould I think..
Then… on our way down… we just had an impulsive…. CRAVE again!
For B&Js.
It was funny stopping at the escalator..
Wanting to get off..
But too late and all..
:) Laughter aplenty.

Then at 7pm, made our way to Bugis to find Mommy and Daddy!
It was a great day, despite knowing that I have a test tomorrow which I am.. like 50% prepared?
Ah, oh well, I know that even if I studied, nothing helps.
The lecturer sucks.
Okay la, at least.. I had a wonderful time!
In ages! :P
Thanks for making my days, weeks, months to come Shishi and Jingie!
My favourite girlfriends! (:
Too bad Ning’s back in UK! :(


6 responses to “Happy Children’s Day!

  1. nice reliving the memories again :D heh.
    ure right, we are really super impulsive people.
    or maybe, we just bring out the impulsiveness in each other.

    anyway, it’s WoodWould! :p

  2. Aww. But… I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. ho ho ! I LOVE YOU GALS too! :D

    think i studied only 30 mins :P the rest 1hr+ talking HAHA
    hmmm..did u 2 *really study* after i left?!! *doubtsss*

    btw, i’m just more mature…and taller…than my sis. =_=

  4. Hmm I did! But Jingie was busy packing up already! AHEM! Hahahaha… ok la :) I think its just the hairstyle! She’s got fringe and short hair, tends to look younger.. *LIKE ME*

    you said leave at 6 ma ):

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