TopOne KTV w/ Tsks! (:

On Thursday..
We took a break!
Went TopOne with the TSKs!

On the bus!

At TopOne!

Kuku us!


Then, I decided, it was time to update a certain photo..

Haha, but cos Jing was really unwilling..

Nothing beats crazy us!

Bestie and Banny!

Cold and funny people!

The two ladies in dresses!

Before we left..
The last song was.. Titanic!

Bye guys!
Join you later!

Off we went for some not very successful photo taking..
Then we met up with them again!
At Chin Chin for dinner!
CX treated!

And I requested for some help..
But we ended up taking more than required!


And when Evie suddenly walk into the cam..

More of us!
Lovely people!

Checking out the outcomes..

It was time for Rochor Tau Huay!
Aka Bean Flower Aka Dou Huay or Tau Hua (from Shishi)
It’s been a great day dahlings!
Have fulfilled my craving for singing!
When will be the next time man?


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