Happy Anni and Happy Birthday!

Today’s Dad and Mom’s wedding anniversary..
And so is Aunt Jenny’s birthday! (:

Settled the OCBC accounts and so I brought Mommy to watch..
Mamma Mia!
Cos its her all time favourite songs from Abba (:
Was supposed to bring Daddy along as well..
But he said he’d be too tired. :(
And poor Ban sprained his neck..
So :(

And halfway through the show…
The lights came on suddenly!
Lucky I wasn’t scratching my backside or picking my nose!
I wonder if anyone was hanky-panky-ing!
Must be darn !@# la.
Got some indian auntie screamed when the lights came on.
Quite funny.
Later on, when they gave complimentary drinks in between the movie.
She screamed again cos the guy suddenly appeared next to her.
The guy got a shock.
Lol. Poor thing.
After which, they gave complimentary passes!
Happy! :) I watched the movie for free.
Met Serene later in the afternoon to get my pressie.

Suddenly feel really damn poor.


7 responses to “Happy Anni and Happy Birthday!

  1. heh.
    thankyou on behalf of mummy! (:

  2. Oh. Haha Happy birthday to Jing’s mom and Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

    LoLL in disaster movie, i didn’t notice u did those in darkness!!! :P

  3. OF COURSE :) I do it.. rather… secretly!

  4. who is ibuenviaje? gary? shishi? haha.

  5. WHO ELSE BUT ….
    “surely win”

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