Ning, one of my closest friends, though furthest in distance.

Woke up at 10am..
Smsed Ning and asked if she could meet earlier instead :)
But ended up, I was late again.
SIGH! Sorry Ning!
Brought her to my favourite HK cafe…
Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Haven’t seen the girl in ages..
And maybe I should call her a lady now :)
Really pretty, feminine and.. oozing with sexiness.
But still, very much the down-to-earth girl I know (:
Wonder when will it be when I will have long flowy hair like hers!

It was a nice 2 hours catch up session..
And no Ning, you didn’t “rather self-centredly rattling on and on when we met”!
Definitely not. (:
Your experience and opinions meant alot to me in fact.

And I can’t wait till July 2009..
Where I can finally bring you around NUS (:
And yay, I might have a free drive back to Bukit Timah Campus ;)
For the yummy food you promised.

Every time we met up when you are back..
Being the absent-minded/excited people we are…
Who will bring our cameras, but forget to take photos..
This time round, I learnt to be smarter..
I brought along the Instax Pic the TSKs and such got for me (:
Polaroids are ♥!

So I am a happy girl as usual.

That night, I felt so guilty.
The girl went home and bloggedabout everything immediately..
And me, being the procrastinator I am, only blogged about it today.. :(
Thanks for everything you said in your blog…
Though I never thought of myself to be like what you described…

Words aside, I love you Ning, for being my closest friend..
Who’s always the furthest in terms of distance from me..
Thanks for being there all the while.
Bon Voyage, and I will countdown to the day you will finally be, so near, and not so far ;)
Till then babe!
Thanks for the top, and accessories you got for me! :)
Loving them!


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